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Thames’ Viewing Platform

Chelsea College of Arts

Following my project research on origami (see the Lady Macbeth’s Ring project), this project is a proposal for a flexible floating platform in front of the Tate Modern in London. Its shape allows for the platform to curve along the waves of the river Thames while allowing visitors to sit on it and enjoy the magnificent view to the Millennium Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedrals and more.
Final Proposal
AutoCAD, Photoshop

Technical Drawings 

Technical Drawings

Based on sketch models made as seen below, the proposal suggests a platform formed through layers of polyurethane fabric, origami shaped paper covered in shellac and plywood pieces.

Sketch Model
1.56m x 0.54m x 0.18m
Paper, Plywood, Polyurethane fabric


All Photographs by Elisa Frenay, 2015

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