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Telescopio X

Royal College of Art

Telescopio X is a dobsonian telescope originally made and designed as part of an immersive set for my final MA project ‘VOCES’ during term 1 at university. The telescope was never used for final outcome as the concept of the project was modified throughout term 2. (See project VOCES for more information.)

This process heavily influenced my final research and enabled me to learn how to 3D print, create a VR set and  build a dobsonian telescope.

Initial aim of the project: An immersive installation depicting the fictional narrative of a female astronomer carrying a secret investigation using her telescope to find the remains of her son killed and buried in the Atacama Desert during the Chilean dictatorhsip in 1973. Inspired by Guzman’s documentary Nostalgia for the Light, this installation - through the medium of set design and moving image - aims to act as an allegory shedding light on Chile’s hidden history.


Telescopes built in
collaboration with Samuel Wangsaputra

Final Model
Plastic, PLA, Wood, Metal, Glass

3D Printed Parts

Investigating the possible locations of the hidden mass grave of the twenty-six victims of the Caravan of Death. A photograph of José Saavedra González, the youngest victim, is on the television screen. Photographs by Allen, P., 1990

Nostalgia for the Light (2012), Screenshots

Analysis Drawing on the ‘Nostalgia for the Light’ Movie

Sketch Model 3D Printing Test

PLA, Aluminium, Glass

Research Drawing on the landscape of the Atacama Desert

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