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I am a young designer based between London and the rural Walloon Region of Belgium where I grew up.

My work aims to create immersive and thought-provoking experiences through spatial and visual storytelling.

From temporary multimedia installations and branded events to interior refurbishments, I intend to apply the same mentality to all spaces I design.

Graduated MA Information Experience Design from the Royal College of Art and BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design from Chelsea College of Art. 
Feel free to reach me for any kind of spatial projects! 

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  • airwehsare pavilion in covent garden

  • Degree show, royal college of art, london
  • Native instincts third edition, bussey building, london
  • wip show, royal college of art, london

  • native instincts second edition, the cause, tottenham
  • air control II with tomas saraceno aerocene team, palais de tokyo, PARIS
  • native instincts first edition, maxilla social club, london

  • L’observatoire bizarre, royal academy of arts, london
  • degree show, chelsea college of art, london


  • aleksandra mir publication workshop

  • tomas saraceno aerocene team x rca 


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